If Atlanta is hip-hop and Nashville is country then Boston is ______?

If you said "classical" we need to talk.  Sure, our city is home to some of the best traditional music in the country but Boston also breeds excellence in rock, folk, hip-hop and other modern genres.  Our emerging musicians rival those in any city in the world.  They're your kids, your colleagues, your neighbors...

...you just haven't heard them wail yet.

We believe music is an important part of healthy communities.  Music means co-creation, entrepreneurship, and youth + adult collaboration. A vibrant, equitable music scene builds bridges between communities, drives a meaningful creative economy, and makes our city a more desirable place to live and work.

Despite an ever-renewing pool of incredible musical talent, Boston lacks the infrastructure and the reputation that a sustainable music scene requires.

That's where we come in.



We share our city with the brightest modern musical talents
Our colleges and universities attract them, but a disparate native music community and lack of economic opportunity currently fails to retain them.

Any Bostonian can go see and listen to high quality local music at an affordable price
It's time to rethink our live music scene. Boston is a college town, 250k strong. That's a big opportunity for artists and venues.

Our kids have modern musical role models in their own neighborhoods
If Boston were home to more working professional musicians we could set a realistic example for young people dreaming of careers in the arts.

Our thriving entrepreneurial community works side-by-side with artists
Where have all the music business professionals gone?! it's time to collaborate and change the way we capitalize music making. 


are you with us?