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Carl Beatty


Building on a career as a recording engineer in New York City, Carl relocated to Boston in 1989 to teach in the Music Production and Engineering Department at Berklee College of Music. In 2005 he moved into administration where he now serves the college as of Chief of Staff in the Office of the President. In addition to his careers as engineer, professor, and administrator, Carl has also served on the boards of other Boston based institutions that include Mass Audubon and the North Bennet Street School. Some of Carl's credits can be viewed here

Tom Snyder


Tom Snyder graduated from Swarthmore College in French literature which prepared him for all of life's challenges. After several years of writing and recording for Capitol records, Tom taught science for a decade at Shady Hill School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. During that time, Tom created an educational software company which grew to hundreds of employees and remains a dominant force in the field of educational technology. In the 1990s, Tom started an animation company which produced half-hour shows for five different networks. Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist received both an Emmy award and a Peabody award. Today, he lives with his wife (and works) in Cambridge.


Chad Blinman


Chad Blinman worked for more than twenty years as an independent record producer, engineer, mixer and electronic musician in Los Angeles before moving to Boston in 2009 to teach at Berklee College of Music. He is currently an Assistant Professor in Berklee's Music Production and Engineering department and Faculty Advisor/General Manager of the Berklee Internet Radio Network (

Chad's engineering and production credits include records by Face to Face, The Get Up Kids, Saves the Day and Jackson United, along with numerous remixes both alone and as a member of production team The Legion of Doom (infamous for their mashup album Incorporated). He also worked for several years as an ADR mixer and recordist for feature films and televisions shows including The Simpsons, Futurama, and King of the Hill. He continues to do freelance production, mixing, and electronic composition work at his personal studio The Eye Socket.

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