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"Restoring and innovating community music"

Our Missions

The Record Company (TRC) is committed jointly to the innovation and revitalization of youth music education and the advancement of independent record-making. We advocate for community youth and independent musicians with a unique hybrid business model, combining a commercial recording studio and an after school audio technology program for teens. During the week, our volunteer staff of local musicians, producers and audio professionals facilitate free after-school classes in recording technology in our working professional studio. With commercial sessions scheduled around (and sometimes during) our program hours, we offer teenage students the most immersive and relevant recording studio experience in our region. Because of private contributors, community partners, and corporate sponsorships, the studio is available at an incomparably accessible price to Boston's independent musical talent.

Affordable Community Recording

In a changing industry, today's independent musicians are faced with a unique challenge. Artists are now expected to develop and promote themselves in a dramatically consolidated commercial market that promises much lower returns than it once did. A truly affordable venue for creative exploration and professional development has yet to exist in New England. We knew from the start that it wasn't about ownership, it was about access. Our studio is available at a fraction of the cost of our for-profit counterparts. We are a community studio for musicians by musicians. We are The Record Company.

Community Outcomes

TRC aims to promote record-making as a vehicle for personal and professional growth. Not only do we provide vital services to artists and youth who intend to make music their profession, but we offer development opportunities for those who choose other paths. By fostering a culture of creative expression and infusing our day-to-day operations (recording, teaching, taking out the recycling!) with the professionalism and discipline that our working world values, TRC prepares musicians and teens to make informed career choices and enter the workforce as valuable contributors.