our board

Mark Ethier
Board + Finance Committee Chair

Founding CEO, Izotope 

John Escobar
Program Committee Chair

Audio engineer and educator,
Boston University and
Berklee College of Music

Joy Lucas

Trustee, Museum of Science


Doug Arsham
Planning Committee Chair

VP of Residential Development,
National Development


Chelsea Rathbun
Fundraising Committee Chair

Development Associate, Boston University

Our staff

Matt McArthur
Founder + Executive Director


Matt moved to Boston from Tucson, AZ in 2007 to attend Berklee College of Music. Needless to say: it was an adjustment.  Maybe it was the wealth of diverse and interesting people here, or maybe it was just the weather, but he quickly fell in love with Boston.  Like many of his peers he soon had to decide to stay or go.  "Go" meant seeking the creative community and infrastructure he valued in another city.  "Stay" meant building the community and infrastructure he wanted to see here in Boston.
Spoiler alert: he stayed.


Jesse Vengrove
Program Director


Jesse Vengrove has been with The Record Co since 2012. When he's not overseeing and developing all of TRC's programs, you'll find him in the studio engineering in front of a recording console or behind a drum set making a lot of noise.


Maria Bartolotta
Studio Manager


Maria Bartolotta graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2013, and has been building a career in the music industry ever since. She's worked for local music start-ups, done freelance promotion for bands, and is involved in music festival work locally, nationally, and abroad.