Meet A Maker: MALiA The Model

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Meet MALiA The Model

Q: Can you describe your journey as a music maker?

A: MALiA The Model is MODEL MUSiK! With her one of a kind voice and slim figure, MALiA is, Naomi Campbell meets Hip Hop. Beginning her music journey in 2018, she grew up in Lawrence, Ma and found her talents making way to Boston in 2017. With her UPBEAT tempo, she keeps a good mix of old and new school sounds, creating a feel good, unapologetic, money making, party type of music. Her inspirations range from Missy Elliott, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Tink, T.I., Rihanna, Busta Rhymes and Aaliyah. Known for her SCENARiO Li-Mix on Youtube, paying homage to A Tribe Called Quest, the model rapper released her first EP entitled ‘MADE U LOOK’ (2018). Soon after, her single ‘NO TIME’ (2019), ‘BE GONE’ (2020) and her newest single I’M HOT!

Q: How long have you known TRC?

A: I’ve known about TRC since 2017, when I moved to Boston and recorded one of my first tracks, CHECK, on my EP ‘MADE U LOOK’. That track is always the opener at my shows! I made some life changing relationships at that session, from meeting Keithen ‘Bassmas’ Foster; who produced CHECK, Sebastian Mikael, Sean Alexander; who produced I’M HOT!, and so many more. So it comes full circle, because the next time I stepped foot back inside TRC, I reunited with Sean, whom I haven’t seen since I met him at that prior session. The universe speaks!

Q: How’s it been going in the new TRC studios?

A: I absolutely love my experiences every time I’m at TRC! I have made myself quite acquainted there since my return and have zero regrets. You simply can’t be the pricing, it’s always clean and more than accommodating. I use TRC for both Recording Studio and the Rehearsal Room and will literally be back, next week.

Q: Where can we find some of your more recent projects?

A: Newest single: I’M HOT! (Both song and music video were recorded at TRC, as well.)

Join her MAFiA and follow MALiA and her journey at www.maliathemodel.com! Text (319) 429-7080 for exclusives! Welcome to MODEL MUSiK HOE! IG: malia_themodel | Twitter: maliathemodel | FB: MALiA The Model | YT: MODEL MUSiK

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