Tech Update – July 2021

It’s the July 2021 Gear and Tech Roundup! Here are some notable recent additions to the family of gear at TRC, all ready and waiting for your next rehearsal, writing, jam, recording, _____ session!

Outboard Recording Gear

  • Universal Audio LA 610 now installed in Studio B
  • Coming soon:
    • Universal Audio 1176LN (1 channel FET limiter)
    • Universal Audio LA-2A (1 channel opto compressor)
    • BAE 1073 (1 channel preamp w/EQ)


  • Synthesizers:
  • Guitars:
    • Gibson Nighthawk – 6 String Electric
    • Martin DC-16RGTE Dreadnought – 6 String Acoustic
    • Taylor 815 CE  – 6 String Acoustic
    • Epiphone Broadway NA – 6 String Electric Hollow Body
    • Fender Telesonic – 6 String Electric
    • Fender Mexican Stratocaster – 6 String Electric
    • Fender Precision Bass (Mexico) – 4 String Electric Bass
    • Fender Precision Bass (USA) – 4 String Electric Bass


  • Fender Hot Rod Deville “212”
  • Marshall JCM 900 100W Amp with 4 x 12 cab


  • New TT and ⅛” patch cables
  • Drum heads x 1000 (more like 30 but…ya know)

Repair corner

  • Looks like something fell on one of the Korg B2 Digital Pianos and it wasn’t powering on. Emillee and Matt opened it up, re-seated its main I/O pc board and it’s back in action!
  • The Moog Grandmother is on its way for a little TLC at the shop. See ya soon Grandma! (and check out the ARPs For All Collection and the Moog Subsequent 47 in the meantime)
  • The AVID S1s and their Control iPads are now running the latest and greatest version of Eucon. A couple new features and increased stability. Huzzah!
  • A couple guitar and bass combo amps are out for repair, but we’ve still got plenty to choose from for your next rehearsal or recording session. (have you got a good quality combo amp you’re not using any more? Donate it!)

And don’t forget to check out the complete list of floating gear here.

Orba synths
Marshall JCM 900 100W Amp with 4 x 12 cab

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