Presented by The Alan R Pearlman Foundation and The Record Co

What is ARPs for All?

The Alan R. Pearlman Foundation (ARPF) is thrilled to announce ARPs for All: a new program to bring the magic and inspiration of rare vintage ARP synthesizers to EVERYONE in the music-making public.

The Collection

The ARPs for All collection includes these iconic instruments: an ARP Explorer, Avatar, Axxe, Odyssey, Omni, Quadra, Solus, and the ARP 2600

The History

If you've heard the theme from Doctor Who or R2D2's chirps, you've heard an ARP synthesizer. From rock legends such as Pete Townshend and David Bowie, to jazz and jazz fusion greats Herbie Hancock and Joe Zawinul of Weather Report, to synth composers Kraftwerk and Trent Reznor, the sound of ARP synths are an indelible part of music history.

TRC and ARPF Board member David Mash demonstrates the ARP 2600 for TRC staff

TRC and ARPF Board member David Mash demonstrates his ARP 2600 to the TRC staff.


ARPs for All is launching an initial collection of 5 instruments available for hands on use, learning, and experimentation at TRC’s community recording and rehearsal facility in Boston.


In the coming year ARPF and TRC will grow this living collection of instruments and foster deeper community engagement through experiential educational programming for the public as well as music synthesis-focused residencies for emerging artists.

How can I get my hands on an ARP?

Book a rehearsal or recording session at TRC on or after July 1, 2021 and just leave a note in your reservation that you’re interested in accessing the ARPs for All collection! There’s no extra cost to access the collection, just TRC’s super low room rates, starting at $10/hr.

Reserve Now

Alphonse Mouzon playing an ARP Odyssey

Help The Record Co. keep ARP instruments available to ALL!

Hosting instruments like these require time and care. To ensure that we keep them in working order and make them accessible to everyone, custom furniture needs to be built and regular maintenance is required. You can help by making a donation today.
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