rates & Policy

Studio time is sold in 4 hour blocks and does not include a recording engineer.
Check out our studio policy for more info about freelance engineering at TRC and the engineer approval process.
So that artists and engineers can get their beauty sleep, the facility is closed daily from 4am-10am. Multi-day lockouts have the luxury of leaving the rooms set up for the following day but must go home, shower, and sleep from 4am-10am. (The showering part is important.) 


Rates for students & independents

Studio A

$100 per 4 hour block
The 2-hour extension in Studio B from 1am-3am bills at $50
**Unlock bonus hours when you select consecutive 4 hour blocks
***The rate drops to $90/block when you book 4 or more consecutive blocks
Not sure what we mean? Click here to see a PDF explaining the process

Studio B

$50 per 4 hour block
Day-of session extensions are available at the discretion of management and pending staff availability. Extensions are billed at the hourly rate of $25/hour. TRC only bills in full-hour (60 minute) increments.

Record Labels

$200 per 4 hour block without an assistant engineer
$275 per 4 hour block with an assistant engineer
For extended institutional lockout rates contact matt@therecordco.org 

TRC can subcontract a recording engineer at the request of an institutional client. 

Video Shoots
and Large

Video Shoots and sessions with 7 or more musicians require the presence of a TRC Staff Assistant. TRC reserves the right to assign and bill for an assistant on small but complex sessions at management's discretion. TRC bills $10/hour for an assistant. Our primary goal for sessions is to ensure that things run smoothly and that both the technical professionals and musicians on a session have a positive and efficient experience working in out facility. The presence of a TRC assistant will help to facilitate that outcome for your session.


Piano Tuning: The Boston GP156 Baby Grand in Studio A is tuned by request only for a fee of $95. 

Analog Tape: The 16-track 2" analog tape machine in Studio A is available for rental for $60/day. Rental includes use of a house transfer reel. 

Analog Reel: Lightly used reels of GP9 are available for purchase for $100.


*Please read our complete studio policy before booking.*

A nonrefundable 50% deposit is required to confirm bookings. Unused deposits are transferrable in certain cases. See our studio policy for details.

Rates above do not include a recording engineer. Clients must bring a qualified recording engineer to each and every session. Even photo and video shoots require a qualified professional. TRC does not allow the handling or operation of any studio equipment by any member of your party other than your qualified engineer(s). Management reserves the right to contact and interview your freelance engineer to determine experience and competency.

Allow us to ask one more time that you familiarize yourself with our complete studio policy.