Recording Studios

Our community recording studios are fully outfitted with the tools and the vibe you and your engineer need for a successful recording session. From extra-large recording projects in Studio A, to full bands in Studio B, to vocal and overdub sessions in Studios C and D: there’s a studio for every purpose...and every music maker!

Bring your own recording engineer!

TRC is proud to be an all freelance, bring-your-own engineer facility. Artists choose an engineer that fits their own budget and creative style.
If you’re an engineer, or if you’re looking for one, join the TRC Network Facebook group. Feel free to hit us up at with questions!

Studio A

$130 for 4 hours, available in 4 hour increments
  • Our largest live room with 12-foot ceilings and natural light
  • Designed with large format, complex recording sessions in mind
  • Two isolation booths, each large enough for a drum kit
  • Up to 48 channels of simultaneous recording
  • Yamaha Baby Grand Piano
Studio A Live Room
Studio B Live Room

Studio B

$100 for 4 hours, available in 4 hour increments
  • Designed with intimate full band recording in mind
  • Mid-sized live room with curtains for variable acoustics
  • One small isolation booth, perfect for a vocalist or a guitar amplifier
  • Up to 32 channels of simultaneous recording

Studios C+D

$65 for 4 hours, available in 4 hour increments
  • Designed with writing and vocal recording in mind.
  • Control room + isolation booth (large enough for 1-2 performers) 
  • Up to 16 channels of simultaneous recording
Studio C Control Room

Need a rehearsal space?

We got 'em. Big, medium, and small.