Since 2011 we've supported Boston's music scene by providing a high quality recording facility at a low-cost price. Studio time is provided in the traditional format, a la carte, without a recording engineer. This requires artists to hire and vet their own technical and creative professionals; an important component of their development as artists and entrepreneurs. It also creates gigs for Boston's talented freelancers!

In 2018 we hosted 1,325 affordable recording sessions for more than 3,500 emerging professionals. Our studios have become spaces for creators to experiment and develop their artistry and a hub for freelance producers and engineers to start and build their careers. 

TRC is proud to be an all freelance, bring-your-own-engineer facility.

You can bring a recording engineer who you already like working with, or use the TRC Network facebook group to link up with one. If you’d like additional help finding an engineer, just send the booking team an email.

Engineers: We typically require that new engineers attend a free orientation before hosting your first session at TRC. However, since we are currently only operating Studio B, we’re inviting engineers to stop by 15 minutes early for a brief rundown of the room.

If you have any questions at all, we’re happy to help! Just click the chat icon below or hit up our booking team at

Studio A is a large format tracking studio with a live room and two iso booths suitable for just about anything you can imagine: big bands, little bands, gospel choirs, singing songs while running around in a name it!

Rate = $100 per 4 hour block

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Studio B is small format overdub studio with a control room, a single iso booth, and a super cool sounding bathroom.  It's often booked for vocal recording but hosts its fair share of guitar overdubs and mix sessions...songwriting too!

Rate = $50 per 4 hour block

learn more about Studio B