our mission is to build a sustainable, nationally recognized music scene in boston.

We believe music is an important part of healthy communities.  Music means co-creation, entrepreneurship, and youth + adult collaboration. A vibrant music scene builds bridges between communities, drives a meaningful creative economy, and makes our city a more desirable place to live and work.


Featuring New Tracks From:
Michael Christmas   Pile  |  Dutch ReBelle  |  Julie Rhodes
Animal Flag   Tigerman WOAH  |  Palehound  |  CreaturoS
Littlefoot  |  Stl Gld   Bent Knee  |  Black Beach
Ruby Rose Fox


now available!

Beast is an amazing collaborative artifact featuring the best music acts to come out of Boston.

We commissioned 13 new songs from 13 Boston-based artists. Recorded at studios all over Boston, 57 creators and musicians got paid to work on the album.

Available on vinyl, CD, or digital download.

100% of each sale supports
The Record Company's programs.


high quality
affordable recording

Since 2011 we've supported Boston's music scene by providing a high quality recording facility at an affordable price. Studio time is provided in the traditional format, a la carte, without a recording engineer. This requires artists to hire and vet their own technical and creative professionals; an important component of their development as artists and entrepreneurs. 


building a

for Boston,
by boston