Hi, we’re The Record Co. Our friends call us TRC.

We’re a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to making space for Boston’s music makers. We believe in the power of music creation to bring people together and build a shared understanding across differences. We exist to make sure that no matter who you are, no matter why you make music, you can keep making.


A city where everyone can make and enjoy music; where it's as easy to get together and create as it is to meet and play games in a park or connect and learn in a public library.


To remove the technical and social barriers between music makers and their creative visions through affordable music workspace and professional development opportunities.


Every music maker deserves to learn, grow, and progress in a supportive community. Building that community requires inclusivity, integrity, and radical hospitality.

What guides our work.

Cities are an increasingly difficult place to create. At The Record Co., we’re dedicated to bringing equity and sustainability to Boston’s music community through affordable space to record, rehearse, and gather. EVERYONE deserves to learn, grow, and progress in a supportive community.

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A group of 4 people casually sit in rolling chairs in the control room of studio a at TRC. The room is well lit and the people seem to be participating in conversation with one another.

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Equipment and gear at The Record Co.

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Cow on a guitar amps and bass amps

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Meet TeamTRC

We are a group of music makers and music lovers alike joining forces to sustain and innovate The Record Co. Together we form a non-profit organization that is a convener, advocate and community workspace for the Greater Boston area’s music makers.

Our Community

Our creative workspace directly supports members of the Boston community that may otherwise be shut out of life changing opportunities.
When I was a young engineer learning the ropes, TRC provided a space where I could cut my teeth whereas most other studios were just out of reach for a variety of reasons -- financial, experience level, reputation, etc. TRC's model of providing a high-quality recording studio environment that is accessible and affordable for engineers and artists of all walks of life is truly inspiring and it is great to see them expanding and always progressing with their vision.
Zack Weeks

Zach Weeks

God City Studio (Salem, MA)

I recorded my debut album at The Record Company, and it was one of the most fun projects I've worked on. I didn't have an engineer of my own, so TRC recommended I use one of their staff, Will. He was such a perfect fit for the project, and every session was a blast. From the recording, hanging in the green room ordering Chinese food, deciding how to mic the drums, listening back to the takes-TRC created a perfect, supportive environment. Some of my favorite memories are because of The Record Company!
Tory Silver

Tory Silver


In January 2019, I recorded a 6 song EP called Odds And Ends. I released it under the name Matt and the Skeleton Crew. We tracked drums and electric/acoustic guitar at The Record Company and it was a great experience. The laid-back atmosphere and affordable price made it easy to experiment and get great takes without succumbing to ``red light syndrome.``
Matt Silverstein

Matt Silverstein

Matt and the Skeleton Crew

I love The Record Co!! I have recorded music podcasts and my own personal music at The Record Co. It was always clean, pristine and full of good vibes.
Autumn Eliza Sheffy

Autumn Eliza Sheffy

Writer, Actor, Performer

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