Engineering at TRC

Follow the steps below to start engineering at TRC! If you have further questions, feel free to get in touch!

Create/Update Your Profile

Update your profile and select: “I would like to engineer sessions for myself or others at TRC”

Complete the Self-Assessment

Follow the link in the email you'll get from us to fill out the self-assessment.

Take the Free Orientation

After you complete the assessment, you'll be prompted to sign up for an orientation with TRC staff.

What does it mean to be an engineer at TRC?

Anyone can engineer at TRC! We are an all freelance, bring-your-own engineer facility. Artists have the opportunity to choose their own engineer – someone who they believe best fits their budget and creative style.

Engineers at TRC are responsible for all management, use, and care of the studio equipment, as well as successfully loading in and out of the studio on time. The engineer is required to be physically present for the entirety of the recording session.


An approved engineer is required for all recording sessions at TRC. To be approved, all engineers are required to attend a free orientation before their first session. Sign up for an account and be sure to check “Yes” for “I would like to engineer sessions for myself or others at TRC”, and you’ll receive an email with signup info.

Do I Have to Have Prior Engineering Experience?

Not necessarily, but it helps! We encourage newer engineers, or those who have only previously recorded at home, to book a session in one of the smaller recording studios (Studios C+D) to get the hang of things. Often, people will book a first session as sort of a “test” session, alone or with a friend, to try branching out of their own home setup. We’ve found these to be very successful!


The primary recommended prerequisite for engineering at TRC is experience working in a DAW. We have Pro Tools, Logic, and Ableton on the studio computers – but you’re welcome to bring your own computer as well. Or, book a session to come in and learn how to use a DAW, if you don’t have access to one at home! 

What is the Orientation Like?

Due to the nature of our COVID-19 guidelines, all orientations are currently held over Zoom. Orientations are brief (10-20min each), and focused on familiarizing the engineer with the equipment/workflow of the studios, as well as helping plan for a successful first session!


If you’re a new engineer, this is a great opportunity to gain some insight into the differences between home recording and working in a facility like ours. We’ll help get you rolling!

Do You Hire In-House Engineers?

Nope! TRC is proud to be an all freelance, bring-your-own engineer facility. We do provide onsite tech support, as remotely as possible due to our COVID-19 guidelines. Our tech support team can help troubleshoot over the phone, Zoom, or from a distance! 

How can I find clients who need engineers?

Join the TRC Network group on Facebook! This is where people post with open gigs and collaboration opportunities.


Shoot us a text at 617-765-0155, message us using the yellow chat bubble, or email us at!