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6 Reasons to Get into a Recording Studio ASAP… and 6 Reasons to Stay Home

A group of 4 people casually sit in rolling chairs in the control room of studio a at TRC. The room is well lit and the people seem to be participating in conversation with one another.

Leave your home studio for a professional recording studio

  1. Experiment with new equipment and gear: you never know what you might discover, don’t spend thousands on a mic you might not even like that much. Let someone else do that for you. Check out our floating gear.
  2. Air that place out. Open a window, and get into a studio that doesn’t smell like feet and Cheetos: enough said.
  3. Better acoustics: I’m not saying that the couch cushions don’t work well. I’m just saying we spent thousands of dollars on sound isolation and acoustical paneling.
  4. Treat: yo’ self, yo’ clients, yo’ neighbors (to silence)
  5. The psychology of going to work!: Get to the studio, grab a cup of coffee, sit down, and get shit done!
  6. Meet other creators: When you head into a building that has a bunch of recording and rehearsal studios, you’ll inevitably run into a fellow noise-maker at the coffee pot. Could be an old friend, or your new best friend!

Use your home studio rather than working at a professional recording studio

  1. Take your time, save some money: you don’t have to worry about session time, and you can save that chedda’ $$$
  2. Sometimes home is where the heart 💖 is: things just might flow better at home, embrace it.
  3. Work on your own schedule!: Wake up, work. Take a nap, work. Eat lunch, work. Get drunk, “work”?
  4. Night owl friendly: We may not be open at 3am, but your apartment is!
  5. Spend time with your pets: – those IG feeds need updating and the people demand floofs.
  6. Safety!: We’re still in a pandemic! Staying home is a great way to minimize COVID risk.

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